What are the Best Chainsaw Sharpening Kits

A chainsaw sharpening kit is a wood cutter’s best friend. This equipment makes quick work of fine-tuning dull chains. Maintaining sharp chainsaw cutters helps the machine slice through wood efficiently and ensures user safety. It is improbable for a neatly sharpened chain to pop loose or for the bar to kick back.

There are numerous chainsaw sharpening kits available in the current market. DIYers adept at chainsaw sharpening can opt for manual models or the freehand file, while automatic sharpeners also offer a portable option. Although more costly and less portable, electric sharpening kits offer cutting-edge sharpening technology for increased convenience. Given this vast range of chainsaw sharpening kits, here are the best picks for your sharpening needs.

Best chainsaw sharpening kits

#1 Editor’s Choice – Oregon Professional bench grinder

The Oregon 410-120 chain grinder is the best overall sharpening kit. Compared to other models, this kit’s superior sharpening speed and exceptional versatility help it stand out among the rest. In addition to a plastic grinding wheel gauge, three grinding wheels, and a dressing stone, this kit also comes fully equipped with five chain pitches for optimum pitch compatibility.

These include 3/8 inch full profile, 3/8 inch low profile, ¼ inch, 0.404 inch, and 0.325-inch pitches. Each of these pitches operates at a speed of 3500 RPMs (rotations per minute), ensuring you get the job done swiftly.

It also features two bolts, adding to the sharpener’s versatility as you can mount it on a workbench or a workshop wall. Another unique attribute of the Oregon 410-120 sharpening kit is its built-in light, allowing users added visibility for more accurate sharpening.

The only downside of this sharpening kit is that setting it up can be challenging for some. Watch the video below on how to set it up for ease of use conveniently.

#2 Runners Up – Oregon 520-120 bench mount chain grinder

Coming in second place is the Oregon Compact 120-volt mini bench grinder (310-120). It stands out as one of the few universal sharpeners in the market with extraordinary pitch compatibility of up to 0.404 inches. This kit includes two grinding wheels (4.7mm and 3.2mm), a dressing brick, a profile guide, and a grinder.

The grinder is easily mountable on a workbench, thanks to the two screws that are also included in the kit. It features five chain pitches capable of fitting up to 0.404-inch pitch chains and can reach a maximum sharpening speed of 5000 rpm for exceptionally fast service.

Additionally, this sharpening kit provides reliable user safety. It comes fully equipped with a manual chain clamping vice to hold the chain in place, and its motor rotates in one direction.

Due to its compact design, the Oregon 310-120 is a space-saving alternative to the traditional bench grinder. It is only ideal for occasional use in small working spaces.

#3 Budget Pick – EzzDoo Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

The EzzDoo 3 in 1 electric chainsaw sharpening kit embodies the phrase ‘less is more’. Despite being considerably cheaper than similar models, it has a wide array of impressive features that make it a worthy contender for the most affordable chainsaw sharpening kit. Its prime attributes are its titanium-plated diamond wheels which last 20% longer than non-titanium-plated cutting link pitches.

In addition to its enhanced durability, this sharpener kit also boasts high levels of pitch compatibility as its wheels come in four different sizes capable of tending to any wheel in the market. These include 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, 7/32 inch full profile, and 7/32 low profile wheels. 

It is also very fast and precise as its 150-volt motor can reach a non-loading speed of up to 3500 rpm, while the guide helps you consistently maintain the correct angle. This sharpening kit weighs a meager 1.4 pounds and comes in an exquisite, compact design that makes it very portable. More importantly, you can easily re-sharpen your chainsaw without removing the chain from the bar, adding to this kit’s convenience and ease of use.

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What’s a Chainsaw Sharpening Kit?

Just as the name suggests, a chainsaw sharpening kit is a toolset containing all the equipment you need to sharpen your chainsaw’s chain back to mint condition.

Although they vary depending on the model, these tools typically include a handle, a file guide, round files, grinding wheels, a stump vise, and a carrying case. The file guide is designed to offer users sharpening accuracy. You must mount your file of choice on the guide to help you maintain the right sharpening degree for each cutting angle.

For electric sharpening kits, grinding wheels are used to sharpen the chain by striking the cutting links at the set side angle during chain rotations. Manual sharpening kits also include interchangeable handles to hold the files and other tools in place, while electric sharpening kits come with a stump vice that can be mounted on a bench or a wall.


Chainsaw sharpening kits are integral chainsaw maintenance equipment. Electric, automatic, and manual models keep chains sharp, thus allowing for efficient and safe cutting.

Manual and automatic sharpeners are portable but require a lot of expertise and effort, while electric sharpeners are highly automated but require mounting. The Oregon 410-120, an electric sharpener, is the best overall due to its exceptional versatility and sharpening speed.

The Oregon 520-120, also an electric sharpener, is the second best overall since it has a similar set of versatile qualities to the Oregon 410-120 but at a higher price. The 8-piece Power care Field Kit, a manual sharpener, also stands out as the most affordable model.