Best polyurethane for cornhole boards

Best polyurethane for cornhole boards

When it comes to choosing the best polyurethane for cornhole boards, there are a few factors to consider. The primary purpose of applying polyurethane to cornhole boards is to protect the wood from weathering, moisture, and general wear and tear. You’ll want a polyurethane that provides a durable, long-lasting finish while enhancing the appearance of … Read more

Best Oil Based Polyurethane

best oil-based polyurethane

Choosing which oil-based polyurethane to use for your specific wooden project, be it an indoor one or carried out outside, can be a daunting experience given the countless numbers of products available on shelves everywhere. This guide for the best oil-based polyurethane is influenced by hands-on experience working with numerous products and a consensus among … Read more

What is warm satin polyurethane?

What is warm satin polyurethane (1)

Warm satin polyurethane has a characteristic hue that differentiates it from regular satin. While standard satin is often without any extravagant luster, a warm satin polyurethane results in a yellowish or golden hue which becomes more pronounced as the finish ages. Therefore, warm satin results in a more lively luster depending on the type and … Read more

Polyurethane sheen comparison

polyurethane sheen comparison

When finishing wooden surfaces such as floors, furniture, or kitchen tops with polyurethane, consideration is paid to the protective quality of the specific product in hand. Depending on the base element of the polyurethane, i.e., water or oil, the protection given to your wooden surfaces varies. Similarly, the appearance of the wooden surface is as … Read more

Best Water-Based Outdoor Polyurethane

Best Water-Based Outdoor Polyurethane

Outdoor wood surfaces are more at risk than interior wooden surfaces for exposure to the elements. Wooden floors or furniture situated outside are more exposed to fluctuating weather conditions such as an immense amount of moisture in the air and heat. Moreover, these surfaces are more prone to scratches given the higher level of traffic … Read more

How To Clean & Store Polyurethane Brushes

Cleaning and Storing Polyurethane Brushes

Are you tired of constantly having to replace your polyurethane brushes due to neglect and poor maintenance? Proper cleaning and storage of your brushes can not only extend their lifespan, but it can also improve the quality of your finishes. Don’t let a lack of knowledge on how to care for your tools hold you … Read more

Can I put polyurethane over mineral oil?

Can I put polyurethane over mineral oil

Mineral oils on wood penetrate and highlight the wood grain in a way that straight poly finish cant. For this reason, you may want to apply mineral oil to your wood. However, mineral oil alone isn’t enough to protect the wood. That’s where a film-forming finish like poly comes in. But can you put polyurethane … Read more

Can you stain over polyurethane – Glazing Poly

can you stain over polyurethane

Of all the finishing methods available, wood stain is perhaps the most misunderstood. There is no good information regarding stains, their application, maintenance, and dos and don’ts. If you have wood coated in poly but don’t like the color of the wood, a stain can tint or shade the wood to your liking. But how … Read more