Bald Cypress Wood Overview 

bald cypress

Bald cypress is a beautiful, durable, and strong wood. It is also known as ‘wood eternal’ due to its high resistance to decay. Softwoods such as redwood and cedar have similar decay-resistance properties as cypress. However, cypress wood has the edge over the two types of wood since it is harder and stronger.  For decades, … Read more

Douglas Fir Wood Overview

Douglas Fir Wood Overview 

The Douglas fir is one of the most popular softwoods. Its scientific name is Pseudotsuga menziesii, a Greek name that means ‘false hemlock’. This is because some people confuse the tree for hemlock.  Contrary to popular belief, the Douglas fir is not a pine. It is not a true fir either. This article will shed some … Read more

Different types of Cedar wood

types of cedar wood

Cedar is well-known for its beauty, distinct aroma, and versatility.  Cedar belongs to a group of trees known as gymnosperms.  Cedar is also a conifer just like pine. There are different types of cedar trees and each has its unique characteristics. Here are some cedar species and their properties. 1.      Eastern Red Cedar … Read more

Ipe Wood Overview

ipe wood

Ipe is a tropical hardwood that’s well known for its hardness. With a Janka rating of 3,510lbf, Ipe is more than five times harder than woods such as cedar. It’s also twice as dense as other woods.Ipe is prized for many reasons. The first reason is its durability, it can last for decades without any … Read more

5 Best Wood for Outdoor Fence 

best wood for outdoor fence

Which is the best wood to use for an outdoor fence? The right wood will have the following properties; Durable Weather-resistant Decay resistant  Resistant to insect attacks  Low-maintenance.  Below are five types of wood you can use for your outdoor fence project.  Best Wood for Outdoor Fence Redwood  Property  Comment Durability  Very durable   Weather resistance  … Read more

5 Best Woods for Door Frame

best wood for door frame

Are you installing a door frame in your new home soon? Or perhaps you wish to replace the one in your home. Have you chosen the best wood for your door frame? If not, here is a guide to help you with the selection process.  The ideal wood for this project should have the following … Read more

5 Best Woods for Outdoor Bar Tops

5 Best Woods for Outdoor Bar Tops

Would you want termites burrowing your bar top a few months after its installation? Probably not!  Every outdoor furniture is exposed to elements that can compromise its structural integrity, from fungal bacteria that cause decay to moisture that causes wood to shrink or warp.  So, how do you ensure that your outdoor bar top maintains … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Pine Wood

Pine Wood

Pine Wood has become one of the world’s most popular types of wood today, with over half of all lumber coming from pine trees. However, most people don’t know much about the wood itself, and they may have some misconceptions concerning how to use it and how it appears. This comprehensive guide will give you … Read more

5 Best Woods for Outdoor Shutter

best woods for outdoor shutters

Are you having difficulty deciding on woods for outdoor shutters? Worry no more because we’ve made things easier for you. This article will discuss the five best kinds of wood you can use for your project.  How To Choose Wood for Outdoor Shutter Choosing the right wood for any project can be a daunting task. … Read more