5 Best Woods for Outdoor Stairs

Best Woods for Outdoor Stairs

How can you tell whether a certain type of wood is suitable for outdoor stairs? Well, it’s very simple. Here are some of the characteristics you should look for; Below are the five best woods for outdoor stairs that possess the qualities highlighted above. Recommended ReadingOiling outdoor wood for durability Best Woods for Outdoor Stairs … Read more

Best Wood for Floating Shelves

best wood for floating shelves

Floating shelves are a good addition to any wall space. They offer extra storage space and add aesthetic appeal to any bare wall because of their modern design.  However, the success of your floating shelf installation largely relies on your choice of wood. Detailed below are several best wood for floating shelves to consider. What … Read more

10 Best Woods for Cutting Boards

best woods for cutting boards

Cutting boards are made from materials such as Mable, plastic, glass, or wood. Ever wondered why wooden cutting boards stand out from the rest? Here are the reasons why;  Safety: Wood is safer than plastic and glass. Plastic cutting boards get dented easily; the dents can harbor bacteria and transfer them to your food. Glass … Read more

Douglas Fir Vs. Spruce: Lumber decisions

Douglas Fir Vs. Spruce

Are you wondering what softwood to use for your next project? You may want to consider the Douglas fir or spruce. They are both conifers, but each has its unique characteristics. Like other conifers, the Douglas fir tree has needle-like leaves. Each of its needles is attached directly to the branch. The needles are sharp … Read more

Best Woods for Carving Using a Dremel

best wood for carving with dremel

Do you want to carve out a design on wood but are not sure what wood to use? Worry no more; here is a guide to help you choose the best wood for carving using a Dremel.  When choosing wood, look for one that has the following features; With those features in mind, let’s now … Read more

Best wood for shelves

_best wood for shelves

Shelves are handy for displaying and storing various items in all living or working spaces. However, a lot of planning and consideration goes into making these pieces of furniture. You need first to decide the shelf’s intended use and location before you can establish the best wood for your project. Stronger woods are best suited … Read more

Spruce vs Pine: What’s the better lumber?

spruce vs pine

Pine is a softwood that belongs to the conifer family. Examples of pine species include the Southern Pine, the Eastern Pine, and the Red Pine. These species have sharp needle-like leaves. Like pine, spruce is also a member of the conifer family. Examples of spruce species include Engelmann spruce, Norway spruce, Sitka spruce, and white … Read more

What is the most weather-resistant wood?

What is the most weather-resistant wood

Why use chemically treated lumber for outdoor projects when you can easily go for naturally the most weather-resistant woods? Such lumber is a lovely choice for adding texture and warmth to your trellises, decks, bridges, garden structures, outdoor furniture, and fences.  In addition to their undeniably intriguing aesthetic expressions, natural weather-resistant woods also go a … Read more

Best Wood for Outdoor Bench

best wood for outdoor bench

It would help to consider various factors when choosing wood for an outdoor bench. The first and most important factor is the climatic conditions in your area. An outdoor bench is subject to natural elements such as wind, heat, and rain. Selecting a wood type that can withstand these elements is crucial.  The second factor … Read more