Here are the best oil-based Stain Removers

Often, especially when it comes to old furniture, the desire may arise for you to change the color or adopt a more light tint. Stain is often the substance used when coloring wood. It is, therefore, necessary to have a basic understanding of stains when choosing the right one for your wooden projects, such as furniture. Moreover, and in our case, understanding the different wood stains used that need to be removed helps in deciding which remover to use before adopting a fresh new color for your wood. 

best oil-based Stain Remover guide

best oil-based Stain Removers

Before settling on a type of remover to use when removing oil-based poly, it is necessary to consider the type of surface you want the polyurethane removed from. Flat horizontal surfaces are the best since you can use any poly remover. Therefore you do not need to be bothered about whether or not the remover drips or is non-drip. On the other hand, it is necessary to utilize removers that do not drip when it comes to vertical surfaces. These types of removers stick on the surface.

Nature of Polyurethane Coat

Another important factor to consider is the nature of the polyurethane coat that needs to be removed. Sometimes the polyurethane on the wood surface is just a single layer. In such instances, the remover choice is not limited as most products can take care of such a coat. On the other hand, multiple coats that have penetrated the grain need extra care. For this purpose, it is important to consider removers that can easily remove multiple layers, such as KBS Strip Quart.

Top Picks – best stain remover

Sunnyside 65732A Editor’s Pick

Sunnyside 65732A Multi-Strip ADVANCED Paint & Varnish Remover, Quart comes in a 2 pounds formulation that works best for both interior and exterior use. This product has excellent qualities when it comes to removing finishes. It works best on finishes such as polyurethane products, varnishes, and paints. It is a Non-caustic gel that is considered the best when it comes to finish removal. 

Sunnyside 65732A Multi-Strip boasts some of the top qualities of removers being able to remove upwards of 4 coats of stain with a single application. Being suitably formulated to remove all types of oil-based polyurethane products, this remover is easiest to work with as no prior skill is required. Following the steps indicated is enough for you to remove that unwanted old coat of poly. 

Other benefits of this remover include being able to be used on multiple surfaces. Sunnyside 65732A Multi-Strip can be used on numerous surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and stone. This means that it can also be used on your stone walls if they need a facelift.

Sunnyside Corporation 68532 Runner’s Up

Sunnyside Corporation 68532 Hi-Speed Ready-Strip Citrus Paint & Varnish Remover, Quart Trigger Spray, Assorted, 32 Fl Oz is a unique remover that comes in a spray bottle. The unique spray bottles ensure a convenient way to remove even the deeper-seated oil-based polyurethane coats from your wooden surface. 

This product draws its uniqueness from the fact that it is a spray finish remover. This makes it the only product on the list that is easiest to use when removing oil-based poly on any of your wood surfaces. All it takes is to spray it on the surface and wipe away the removed poly. 

This remover has multiple benefits that make it an ideal remover. For instance, it can be used to remove not only oil-based polyurethane but also stains, paints, and varnish, among others. Moreover, this remover does not drip when spraying on the surface to remove poly. Due to this unique feature, this remover is suitable for vertical surfaces.

KBS Strip Paint Remover Best Budget

KBS Strip Quart – Paint Remover / Stripper Gel – Contains No Methylene Chloride – Clings To Vertical Surfaces is a 32.0 Fl Oz stripper or finish remover that is quite common among professionals and DIYers. It comes in a comparatively large size. This makes it suitable for larger wood surfaces such as the floor or the patio.

This is our best budget product. This is because, without compromising on quality, it has good value. It is relatively affordable and comes in large quantities. Due to its large size, it can be used on considerably larger surfaces. Moreover, on smaller surfaces, this product can last for a considerable duration.

This product has other unique benefits that earn it a place on this list. For instance, it can remove multiple coats of oil-based polyurethane very easily. Moreover, it is usable on multiple surfaces such as metal, wood, masonry surfaces, and the inside of tanks. Lastly, this product is non-drip which makes it suitable for vertical walls.

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Oil-based stains can be removed using several methods. The key common method used involves sanding off the stain. This method is very laborious, however. To achieve fast stain removal, strippers are necessary. Understanding the type of stain ensures that you select the right product.