Can you spray polyurethane with an airless sprayer?

Graco a big manufacturer of spray systems describes airless spraying as the most versatile and fastest way to achieve professional painting results. Airless spraying is 10 times faster than using a brush. Can the convenience of airless spraying be exploited with polyurethane? This article takes examines using an airless sprayer with polyurethane.

Questions answered in the article

  • can you spray polyurethane with an airless sprayer?
  • what should you know before using an airless sprayer?
  • How an airless sprayer work
  • can an airless sprayer apply other finishes?

Can you spray polyurethane with an airless sprayer?

You can use an airless sprayer to apply polyurethane. The airless sprayer is well adapted to favor quick turnaround time and also gives a decent finish. It’s however worth noting that air spray stills give a better quality on the finish than the airless spray. Therefore if you are looking to get perfect results I suggest checking some of our recommended polyurethane sprayers.

How does Airless Sprayer work

below is a video of how airless spraying works. Knowing how an airless sprayer works is crucial if you are going to use the sprayer yourself you kinda get to know what to expect and when things go south.

Can an airless sprayer apply other finishes?

Airless sprayers are suited for medium to high-viscosity fluids. Therefore they can apply a number of finishes including polyurethanes, lacquer, epoxy, and paint. If a finish has a high viscosity then the pressure of the sprayer has to be increased to enable full atomization.

Can you spray polyurethane with a Graco airless sprayer

Yes, you can use a Graco airless sprayer to spray polyurethane. Below is Video by YouTuber @
FurnitureByPete uses a Graco cordless sprayer to polyurethane a tabletop.

If you are looking for the professional type meant for fine finishing then The Graco FinishPro II Fine Finish Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer is second to none.

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