Is SawStop Worth it?


As a beginner woodworker, you’ve probably heard the term ‘SawStop’ thrown around in discussions and wondered what it means. Well, SawStop is a saw manufacturing company that has decided to improve safety features in a table saw we had not seen before in a standard table saw. The SawStop aims to revolutionize the woodworking industry … Read more

Best Circular Saws for Beginners

best circular saw for beginners

Circular saws are arguably the most versatile and convenient power tools used in the woodworking industry. They come in the form of handheld electric saws fully equipped with circular spinning blades, making them ideal for a variety of drills such as making long straight cuts or cutting angles. However, with the widely expansive range of … Read more

A guide to woodworking Hammers

woodworking Hammers

When it comes to woodworking, hammers are like loyal companions, always ready to assist in every project. However, there is no one type of hammer for all woodworking projects. We use a variety of hammers to do different tasks. Nevertheless, one of the most common types is the claw hammer. Otherwise, there are hundreds of … Read more

Best DEWALT Circular Saws

Best Dewalt circular saws

DEWALT is a renowned powerhouse when it comes to producing state-of-the-art power tools. It boasts quality products across the board, and it is no different for its circular saws. DEWALT circular saws are particularly hailed for the performance and power they provide. However, not all DEWALT circular saws are the same. It is important to … Read more

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood

To achieve that pristine cut and avoid blade burning when ripping hardwoods, selecting the right blade is paramount. Identifying the need for a ripping blade marks only half of the challenge; navigating through numerous brands and various ripping blades within each brand presents a daunting task. Amidst these choices, a plethora of features demands attention. … Read more

Best combination table saw blade

Best combination table saw blade

When it comes to getting the most out of your table saw, having the right blade is essential. A combination blade offers versatility, allowing you to tackle a wide range of cutting tasks with precision and efficiency. But with numerous options available on the market, choosing the best combination blade can be a daunting task. … Read more

Best ripping blade for table saw

Best ripping blade for table saw

When it comes to optimizing your table saws for efficient and precise rip cuts, selecting the right blade is essential. The blade you choose can greatly impact the quality of your cuts, the speed of your work, and the overall performance of your table saw. To help you find the best ripping blade for your … Read more