How to Drill a Tapered Hole in Wood

how to drill a tapered hole in wood

If you’re a curious woodworker, you have probably come across a well-drilled hole and wondered, “How did they do that?” Well, friends, you’re about to discover one of woodworking’s best-kept secrets: drilling tapered holes. It’s a skill that can make your woodworking projects pop with a professional flair. However, there is neither much information nor … Read more

Does Wood Glue Work on Painted Wood?

Wood Glue Work Painted Wood

Wood glue is designed to create a strong bond between porous, raw wood surfaces. So, naturally, you might wonder if it can also work its magic on painted surfaces. Things get tricky here, and understanding the dynamics between wood glue and painted wood becomes crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the heart of … Read more

Is SawStop Worth it?


As a beginner woodworker, you’ve probably heard the term ‘SawStop’ thrown around in discussions and wondered what it means. Well, SawStop is a saw manufacturing company that has decided to improve safety features in a table saw we had not seen before in a standard table saw. The SawStop aims to revolutionize the woodworking industry … Read more

A guide to essential woodworking Shop Machines

woodworking Shop Machines

When it comes to more advanced woodworking, you must up your game by investing in shop machines. They are a significant step up from hand tools as they offer more precision, speed, and versatility. Nevertheless, shop machines may be different starting points for beginner woodworkers, but with practice and patience, they are a big step … Read more

Best Circular Saws for Beginners

best circular saw for beginners

Circular saws are arguably the most versatile and convenient power tools used in the woodworking industry. They come in the form of handheld electric saws fully equipped with circular spinning blades, making them ideal for a variety of drills such as making long straight cuts or cutting angles. However, with the widely expansive range of … Read more

A guide to woodworking Hammers

woodworking Hammers

When it comes to woodworking, hammers are like loyal companions, always ready to assist in every project. However, there is no one type of hammer for all woodworking projects. We use a variety of hammers to do different tasks. Nevertheless, one of the most common types is the claw hammer. Otherwise, there are hundreds of … Read more

Best DEWALT Circular Saws

Best Dewalt circular saws

DEWALT is a renowned powerhouse when it comes to producing state-of-the-art power tools. It boasts quality products across the board, and it is no different for its circular saws. DEWALT circular saws are particularly hailed for the performance and power they provide. However, not all DEWALT circular saws are the same. It is important to … Read more

DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saw: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saw

The DeWalt DWS779 and DWS780 are two heavy hitters in the woodworking world. They are among the most well-approved mitre saws by the majority of woodworkers. Their approval comes from the power, high precision, and durability they carry with them. However, when choosing between the two mitre saws, it can be challenging to know what … Read more

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood

best table saw blades for ripping hardwood

To achieve that pristine cut and avoid blade burning when ripping hardwoods, selecting the right blade is paramount. Identifying the need for a ripping blade marks only half of the challenge; navigating through numerous brands and various ripping blades within each brand presents a daunting task. Amidst these choices, a plethora of features demands attention. … Read more