Best plywood for shelves

Looking to make new shelves and don’t know what the best plywood for the job is? Worry not for we did some background check on what the best plywood for shelves is. Here in this article we cover that plus more on the basics of building strong shelves, read on!

What is the best plywood for shelves?

you should choose the appropriate material for your shelves be it utility shelves or floor-to-ceiling shelves. While thin elegant glass shelves can hold medicine and other light objects, you need the sturdiest shelves that can hold heavy books or flower vases.

What is the best plywood for shelves?

The strength of the shelve is directly proportional to its span. Span is the distance between vertical risers. As a rule of thumb, the span should not exceed 36 inches.

Finish-grade plywood edged with hardwood strips is the best plywood for shelves. This plywood is strong, attractive and a good budget choice compared to solid hardwood shelves.

Is plywood strong enough for a shelf?

plywood is strong enough for a shelve. But there are a lot of variables that may determine the answer of the question.

For example, a 3ply may not be strong enough for utility shelves but is strong enough for medicine cabinet shelving.

If you are wondering if plywood is strong enough for shelving then rest assured that they are. They may not stand up to solid wood but they make a strong case as they are far cheaper while still offering the stamina to hold most objects housed on shelves.

How thick should plywood shelves be?

The industry standard thickness of plywood to be used in shelving is 3/4″ plywood. This thickness is strong enough for most uses even heavy loads like a TV set.

How thick should plywood shelves be

Shelving is not a one size fits all proposition. For instance, your beer can collection has entirely different requirements than your trophy collection.

In most cases, the 3/4 will work well along the confines of the maximum span of 36 inches.

Will plywood shelves sag?

There are two variable at play when it comes to sagging in shelves: The thickness of the material and the length of the span all this subject to the load.

With a 3/4 inch plywood sagging will not be an issue for a span of 28″ shelves. Its even less an issue for smaller shelves.

if you are worried about sagging you can either reduce the span of between the raisers or opt for stiffer thicker plywood.

Is MDF or plywood better for shelves?

Is MDF or plywood better for shelves?

For shelves plywood is the clear winner. This is due to plywood being more stiff than MDF and hence can support more weight without sagging issues.

Summary Best plywood for shelves

if you are going to be building shelves plywood is a good and budget friendly option. When it comes to shelves the best plywood is without a doubt Finish-grade plywood edged with hardwood strips. The plywood should have at least 3/4″ thickness to avoid sagging problems and offer a steady support