10 Best Wood Moisture Meter

A moisture meter can measure the moisture content of drywall, panelling, and wood studs, among other materials. For example, flooring contractors use the meters to establish appropriate moisture conditions when laying a laminate or wood floor over a concrete slab or subfloor. At the same time, furniture manufacturers and other woodworkers utilize the meters to verify they’re dealing with a quality product.

This article will look at some of the best wood moisture meters, highly ranked and effective in various activities such as woodworking, wood flooring installation, and many others.

You may also use a moisture meter to guarantee the quality of materials used in DIY projects or verify that your house is moisture-free. A moisture meter can determine whether you have too much moisture or need to use a humidifier. The items listed below are among the top moisture meters for DIYers based on accuracy, ease of use, and overall efficacy.

Best Wood Moisture Meter Comparison table


most acceptable for woodworking

  • Pin designed
  • has a backlit LCD system
  • has an automated shut-off method
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excellent for checking firewood moisture

  • Pin designed
  • Features backlit LED display
  • Has an audio alert system
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Pinless improved moisture meter

  • Pinless
  • Has an ultra-large LCD screen
  • turn off automatically after 5min of inactivity
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most accurate wood meters

  • Pinless sensor
  • Has an on-demand calibrator
  • Accurate
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Provides precise moisture levels of the wood

  • pin-type detector
  • contains a backlight LED display
  • Automatically turns off the power after 10 minutes
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for checking wetness and temperature in wood

  • Pin designed
  • has a big LCD
  • 9-volt battery and a set of replacement batteries
  • has an automated power-off capability
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all-around moisture meter

  • Pin designed
  • It has a large, easy-to-read color LCD screen
  • has an auto switch-off technology
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The highest level of accuracy.

  • Pin designed
  • equipped with a large LCD.
  • has an auto turn-off the feature technology
  • It has a 9-volt battery with replacements
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Superior measuring technology.

  • Pin designed
  • has a brighter LED display
  • built with cutting-edge measurement technology
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dual application method

  • Pin and pinless
  • It has a 9-volt battery
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Best Wood Moisture Meters

1. Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Moisture Meters

Main Features

This Digital Moisture Meter is the most acceptable wood moisture meter for woodworking. It is distinguished from others by the presence of a digital detector capable of detecting concealed leaks in wood and other materials.Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • This equipment allows you to detect moisture levels as low as 5 to 11 per cent, a medium between 12 and 15 per cent, and high between 16 and 50 per cent. It also features a durable, well-engineered body that feels delicate when driving the pins into walls.
  • It is comfortable to hold
  • The substantial backlit LCD system shows all of the critical features in huge numerals.
  • It provides moisture content results more quickly than the other devices on this list.
  • It’s simple to use and allows you to discover hidden water damage in your home quickly.
  • It provides correct moisture content resulting in solid substances, allowing you to operate with the right product.
  • This device has an automated shut-off method that extends the battery life.
  • You also have permission to activate the auditory alert system, which comes in handy when you can’t see the display.
  • The large LCD technology makes it simple to detect the moisture levels in various materials.
  • When not in use, this gadget has a protective covering that hides the pins.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read the readings, it comes with a protective cap


  • It is not 100% accurate; it has an accuracy of +/-3%

2. General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meters

Main Features

This digital meter with pins detects moisture or dampness in various surfaces, including wood, walls, carpets, and even firewood. Wet weather provides moisture, which promotes mould growth. The meter is excellent for checking firewood moisture.General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • The instrument aids in the detection of water leaks during home restoration or inspection.
  • It also detects roof leaks and ensures that firewood burns properly. You’ll also learn how to determine how dry the wood is before painting or sealing it.
  • The meter has a strong and ergonomically designed rubber handle, which helps you feel at ease when holding it for a long.
  • Furthermore, it has a hold option that allows you to pause the reading and read it later.
  • It has an auto power-off option that turns the meter off after 3 minutes of inactivity.
  • In addition, there is a low battery indicator that alerts you when the device is low in charge.
  • For wood, this instrument has a measuring range of 5 to 50%. In the case of building supplies, the range is 1.5-33%.
  • You’ll be notified right away if the wood has a high, low, or medium moisture content, as indicated by green, red, and yellow colours, respectively.
  • The backlit LED display is simple to see, and the digits (0.3 inches in size) are huge.
  • It also has auditory notifications, so you can hear the reading even if you’re in the dark.
  • The device also has steel pins that are 8mm in diameter, a protective lid, and a 9V battery.
  • The protective cover elevates the calibration checker.


  • Easy to read and use
  • It has a clear LED backlight display
  • Features an audio alert


  • It has shorter pins

3. Dr. Meter MD918 Pinless Moisture Meters’

main features

This is one of the testers that do not have any pins; it is referred to as an improved moisture meter. It doesn’t leave any pinhole scars on the item; therefore, it saves you time by eliminating the need for post-work clean-up.Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • Because they are integrated with HF electromagnetic wave technology, they provide accurate measurements. They work on ten materials, including cotton, wool, tobacco, bamboo, cartons, firewood, or any medicinal substance.
  • The greatest percentage of error (Rh+0.5) is merely 1%. Furthermore, the detector has a temperature correction mechanism built in.
  • Has an ultra-large LCD screen. This is a guarantee that even in low-light situations, the measurements are precise.
  • This gadget also saves energy by turning off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • It has the ability to intelligently notify you when the upper limit ratio is surpassed over the readings.
  • The meter contains a zero and temperature calibration indication for the user’s convenience.
  •  It also notifies the user when the voltage falls below a certain threshold.
  • Likewise, this meter’s measuring range is 4 percent to 80 percent.
  • The temperature ranges from 10 to 60 degrees Celsius, with a humidity level of 70% RH upward.


  • It is power-saving
  • the instruction are easy to read, which makes it simple to use
  • You can use it on a variety of projects


  • The automatic turn-off feature makes it unreliable for a large number of boards.

4. Wagner Meters Orion 910 Moisture Meters

Main Features

A good wood meter is required to ensure that you get the most accurate results while working with wood flooring. This type of meter is regarded as one of the most accurate wood meters available. Wagner Meters Orion 910 Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

Key features

  • It has a deep depth measurement and many other innovative features, including easier functioning and on-site calibration. As a result, this equipment can be used in various situations when a precise reading of the moisture content of the wood is required.

This model has been thriving in the market for numerous years, confirming the product’s high quality. The Wagner Orion 910 is an appropriate choice because it is a contactless moisture meter that does not require a sensor. Place the moisture meters on the wood and wait 30 to 35 seconds for the results.

You can also set the gadget to function with a variety of woods, both domestic and exotic. It scans all the way down to 0.75 inches. This allows you to accurately analyze the moisture level of the wood at various depths.


  • It is not affected by temperature
  • It has a non-damaging pinless sensor
  • Packed with easy instructions and a device-specific calibration plate.
  • It does not leave holes in the wood


  • It is expensive
  • it has only one display screen

5. Tavool Digital Moisture Detector

Main features

If you want a precise answer on the moisture levels of the wood, this tester is the way to go. It uses a pin-type detector to detect moisture in the material.Wood Moisture Meter - Digital Moisture Detector

Key Features

  • It features two pins that are appropriately placed to determine the amount of moisture.
  • The stainless steel pins make the gadget suitable for wood or paper floors, furniture, cupboards, or window frames.
  • With this tester, you can quickly identify the source of the moisture.
  •  Counting the percentages will tell you how much moisture is present.
  • Low content ranges from 5% to 12%, medium content goes from 12% to 17%, and high content goes from 17% to 60%. Thus, you may simply avoid purchasing expensive wood supplies by using this tester.
  • They are fairly simple to use. This means that anyone encountering it for the first time will have no difficulty understanding it.
  • It also helps to keep expensive hardwoods from breaking or warping.
  • It contains a backlight LED display as well as a huge, sharp LED display. This is also accomplished through the use of frozen essential readings.
  • When not in use, it automatically turns off the power after 10 minutes.
  • Among the features, it also has Max/Min, Memory, and C/F displays.
  • The device is very convenient because it will not fall or slip from your hands while working because of the rubber grips.
  • It is designed specifically for construction, woodworking, and flooring applications.
  • Has a 6% -60% measuring range for hardwood materials and 0.2 percent -2.9 percent for construction materials.


  • The bright screen is easy to read
  • It is easy to calibrate
  • The tool is convenient and comfortable to use


  • The automatic turn-off feature may be inappropriate for some people.

6. SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meters

Main features

This dual meter is used to check for wetness and temperature in wood. Additionally, this instrument quickly tests for wetness in concrete, wood, drywall, and other construction materials. SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter 2.0

Key Features

  • The reading percentage for low is 5-11 percent, 12-15 percent for medium, and 14-50 percent for high, respectively.
  • The device has a big LCD with backlighting for easier viewing.
  • The pins are steel and designed to penetrate the material easily.
  • They also offer features such as Min, Max, Scan, and Hold
  • It also incorporates a 9-volt battery. A set of replacement batteries is also provided.
  • The device assists in avoiding material damage by testing for any water leakage, mold hazards, and an air temperature gauge.
  •  The device’s outside surface comprises a nylon casing to ensure durability. In addition, the nylon is placed in a well-made case to prevent additional damage.
  • It has an automated power-off capability.
  • The device’s lid is well-fitting enough to protect the pins or equipment from damage since the backlight allows you to test the other side of the wooden piece or any other material at home.


  • this tool is great for checking the home for moisture or mold risks
  • The big LCD backlight provides a clear viewing
  • Easy to use according to instructions


  • the device may fail to clear the memory on time.

7. Stihl Wood Moisture Tester

main features

This meter provides precise measurement and aids in detecting moisture in the material. They can check paper and cardboard products as well. They also detect the presence of moisture in concrete and plaster. As a result, it is referred to as an all-around moisture meter. This meter is highly recommended for testing wood species. Of course, it can detect other things, but firewood is the most effective.

Key Features

  • The device has two stainless steel pins.
  • They are constructed with a thermometer to provide a temperature reading of the surroundingStihl Wood Digital Moisture Meter region.
  • They’re small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand.
  • In addition, this tool’s pins are relatively powerful and solid, so they won’t easily break off.
  • The pins are so long-lasting that they won’t need to be changed very often.
  • This meter also has the features of auto switch-off and backlight.
  •  Has a Large, easy-to-read color LCD screen with a new LCD flashlight function for readings in dark spaces.
  • When not in use, it has automatic turn-off abilities that save battery life.
  • It has a 6-42 percent measurement range for wood and is believed to have an accuracy rate of around 2%.
  • This meter is around 50 grams in weight. 
  • The device also comes with a protective cap to safeguard it from damage or blemishes. 


  • It has a huge display, which allows the user to view the findings clearly
  • It is easy to read what is a high or low reading for the material you are testing
  • The device is adaptable and conveniently proportioned for the user


  • it does not come with additional pins during purchase.

8. Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Detector

Main features

This meter model’s precise measurement range is 0-99.9%, with an accuracy range of less than +/-0.5 percent. It has the highest accuracy among the top wood moisture meters.

It works effectively on firewood, wood, cardboard paper, logs, concrete materials, etc.Proster Wood Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • The pins of this gadget were created using sensitive electrodes. As a result, they are suitable for plaster, brick, or lime walls, among other surfaces.
  • This device has four separate settings for four different types of wood. Thus, you may quickly choose between four of the 50 wood species in the mode.
  • Wood moisture measurements are easy enough to read due to the large LCD.
  • They also have good electric resistance.
  • It has an automated power-off that turns the gadget off after 15 minutes of inactivity. 
  • A 9-volt battery is also included in the package for replacement. You also know when the device’s battery is running low.
  • They are well-designed in terms of ergonomic construction to provide a comfortable grip.
  • The material is ABS plastic, which ensures long-term durability.
  • It has a data hold function that prevents the reading displayed on the screen from being erased at some point. As a result, manufacturers have made it simple to save measurement results.
  •  A protective cap and a case are supplied with this product to provide further protection for the gadget.


  • Provides high accurate measures
  • The auto turn-off features help in extending the battery’s life.


  • the device is not suitable for household materials.

Overall performance

This is appropriate if you are looking for a tester that offers accurate results with many wood group recollections.

9. Lignomat Moisture Meters

The main Features

This Mini-Ligno is a good choice if you’re working on flooring or cabinets. It’s because they have such a diverse range of measurements. Pallets, firewood, building timbers, and other materials are easily tested with this meter. In addition, the meter is made specifically for two types of wood: hardwood and softwood.Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D

Key Features

  • This moisture meter is built with cutting-edge measurement technology. As a result, it provides accurate and reliable measurements.
  • It has a measurement range of 6-45 percent. It is highly durable.
  • Like all other moisture meters, the device has an unbreakable and brighter LED display. Even in dim lighting, the display is bright enough to read.
  • It weighs 8 ounces and is made of high-quality plastic. A quality stamp was assessed and issued.
  • Because they have a pocket size of 70x140x25mm, they are easier to grasp in your hand while taking measurements.
  •  The detector has a wrist strap to keep it safe on your person.
  • They also include a green cover that is a grip for effortlessly inserting the pins. This lid also protects the pins from harm while being transported.
  • This meter has two pins with measurements of 3/16” and 7/16”. The built-in calibration function is the most significant feature of this meter. Calibration is readily tested internally and externally and may also be adjusted.
  • The temperature of the wood is calibrated at 70°F (20°F). The handbook that came with the gadget has a list of all the various wood temperatures.


  • the gadget has a weaker battery as compared to other viable devices.

10. Extech MO50 Compact Pin Moisture Meter

Main features

The Extech pin moisture meter is another pin-type meter with superior measuring technology. It’s a small meter measuring cardboard, plaster, concrete, sheetrock, and, of course, wood.

The moisture content of the wood varies from 5 to 50%, whereas the construction material varies from 1.5 to 33%.Extech MO50 Compact Pin Moisture Meter

Key Features

  • It has displayable symbols for low, medium, and high moisture levels. As a result, you can quickly determine if the moisture content has decreased or not.
  • It is made up of two pins made up of electrode prongs.
  • It is referred to as a contact-type meter because the prongs must contact the evaluated item.
  • The data-hold functionality, for example, allows you to freeze the most recently taken data.

It has an interesting feature: an audible alarm tone—the tone’s frequency increases as the moisture level rise.

When the device is not in use for more than five minutes, it immediately shuts off to conserve battery power.


  • The product is a bit costly.

Overall performance

As a result, at the end of the day, this device is a multipurpose moisture meter. It has a two-tiered indicator system that makes it easy to operate. Following that, many carpenters in this area will find this meter beneficial.

Best Wood Moisture Meter Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing any device, it is usually a good idea to do some research. The finest-rated moisture meters have been reviewed to assist you in selecting the finest one. 

Things you Should Consider Before Buying a Wood Moisture Meter.

1. Types of Moisture Meters

Pin, pinless, and multipurpose moisture meters are used by DIYers and experts in sectors such as house inspection, fine woodworking, and flooring.

Pin– Moisture Meter 

The two metal spikes, or pins, that protrude from the top of the meter-like antennas give the pin moisture meters its name. The moisture percentage is calculated using these pins. The pins on a pin moisture meter must be aligned with a point on the surface and then pushed into the material.

After the pins are in place, you may use the control pad to transmit an electrical signal down one pin on the moisture meter. This signal passes through the substance on its trip to the opposite pin. This signal is used by the moisture meter to detect the material’s resistance to electrical current, which may be used to calculate its moisture content.

Because it necessitates puncturing the substance to acquire a result, this method of measuring is considered intrusive. On the other hand, Pin moisture meters are the only variety that can pinpoint the specific position of moisture.

PinlessMoisture Meter

Pinless moisture meters don’t need to pierce the material to acquire a reading because they don’t have to measure pins. Instead, a high-frequency signal goes via a plate on the rear of the meter that sits flat on the material. The moisture meter detects the amounts of moisture in the substance by changing the signal dependent on the material’s capacity to hold an electrical charge.

When testing drywall, the major advantage of pinless moisture meters becomes obvious. It’s easy to convert drywall into Swiss cheese when drilling holes to detect moisture. Without harming the walls, a pinless moisture meter can frequently check for moisture. Even though pinless moisture meters are less intrusive than pin meters, their results indicate moisture in a wide region rather than a precise location.

Check out this article on pin-vs-pinless moisture meters.

MultifunctionalMoisture Meter

A multifunctional moisture meter is a smart solution for routine moisture detection. Multifunctional moisture meters employ noninvasive and precise measuring methods for noninvasive, generalist and precise moisture detection if an issue is found.

It’s a smart idea to enlighten yourself about these crucial issues before choosing a moisture meter to ensure that you get the right equipment for your needs.

2. Accuracy of the Moisture Meter

DIYers and professionals consider accuracy one of the most critical elements when shopping for a moisture meter. When measuring moisture, a unit that isn’t accurate is almost worthless. However, not every machine advertises the same level of precision.

Although these high-end units can be expensive, moisture meters of good quality should be precise to within 0.1 percent. Some less costly moisture meters are accurate to within 5%. This is still a decent accuracy rating for the ordinary DIYer, but if a project or professional demands a more exact measurement, it is advisable to stick with the higher-end versions. It is not suggested to purchase a moisture meter with an accuracy variance of more than 5%.

The values from all moisture meters are expressed as a percentage of moisture content.

A moisture meter is typically calibrated to be used with wood and has a scale ranging from 5% (dry) to 40% (wet) (saturated). Nonwood materials, such as concrete, are measured using a relative scale ranging from 0 (dry) to 100 (wet) (saturated). A third scale spans from 0.2 percent (dry) to 50 percent (wet) on moisture meters for gypsum or drywall (saturated). Determine the accuracy levels required and the substance you will be testing before purchasing a moisture meter.

3. Durability of the Moisture Meter

Anyone using their moisture meter on a job site frequently should consider the product’s longevity. Even a newer model with the greatest features should be able to withstand being knocked in a toolbox or having its pins driven into a wall.

The moisture meter should not only offer the functions that DIYers desire, but it should also have a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. Look for choices with a rubberized shell, heavy-duty construction, or built-in shock protection. These moisture meters can withstand a few drops and are a good investment because they won’t need to be changed as often.

4. Accessibility of the Moisture Meter

Select a moisture meter that is straightforward to operate. Complicated moisture meters take significantly longer to read than simpler models, resulting in erroneous and irregular readings, leading to moisture damage that goes unnoticed.

Instead, choose a moisture meter with a backlit, easy-to-read digital display that displays the information you want. Users should be able to swiftly switch between tasks and move through menus on the device. Pinless moisture meters are easier to operate than pin moisture meters, but precise accuracy suffers as a result.

5. Measurement Extent

The minimum and greatest moisture percentages that a moisture meter can read establish its measuring range. The wider the measurement range, the less exact the gadget, with some moisture meters measuring from 0.2 to 60 percent.

Smaller, more precise scales allow more accurate measurement and are typically seen in moisture meters used for the flooring and fine carpentry industries. On the other hand, most DIYers would benefit from a wider scale range to use the same meter for various tasks.

6. Additional Specifications

Like other electronic equipment, Moisture meters can come with a slew of extra capabilities to help with the job. A temperature display is one of these characteristics, and it may trace a hot or cold water leak. In addition, following temperature variations might aid in locating the cause.

Other features include memory abilities that allow you to keep track of past readings without writing them down or recalling them, audio moisture level reading warnings, and a carrying bag to keep the moisture meter safe.

How to Use a Wood a Moisture Meter on Firewood

It’s crucial to know how much moisture your firewood has. Seasoned firewood is expected to have 20% less moisture than unseasoned firewood. But how can you figure out what the ideal moisture level is?

You’ll either hear a ringing or a thud sound if you beat the two logs together. And if there’s a big thud, it’s probably moist. After that, it is ready to use, as indicated by the ringing sound.

On the other hand, a wood moisture meter may be used to determine the exact moisture level. It’s not difficult to use a moisture meter on firewood. This gadget is both inexpensive and simple to operate.

Both sides of the firewood must be verified for the right moisture value. The exterior side of the firewood will be dry because of the wind and sunshine. As a result, you must examine the log’s middle section.

Split the wood piece in half and insert the moisture meter’s two pins. Because the wood piece’s central section carries most of the moisture, push it into the split center faces rather than the end grain. Then turn on the light. The reading will be displayed on the screen.

Check the moisture levels on both ends and the middle if you want to see how the moisture readings differ.


The best wood moisture meters for woodworking are the competent choice for determining the quantity of water in various wood kinds. In addition, the strong battery in these tools guarantees a constant source of power for all of your endeavors.

These devices also include a variety of functioning methods, such as pin and pinless approaches.

They also include a huge display panel showing moisture levels and other information like temperature and humidity.

However, there must be the top choice. The top three devices we chose for this list are the Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT, General Tools MMD4E, and Dr. Meter MD918, primarily because of their accuracy and ease of use durability.