Can you turn green oak?

Turning green oak is a process that woodturners have used for centuries in the field of woodworking, and it’s easy to do. Green oak has been freshly cut and has not yet had time to dry out or age. You can create furniture or other objects with a unique character and look by turning green oak.

However, turning green oak is challenging because oak wood shrinks as it dries. However, to make green oak suitable for turning, you must be more careful and use the proper techniques and methods, as the shrinkage causes it to crack and form checks on the grain.

We will explore some of the methods and techniques for making green oak suitable for turning. The methods we will use are the methods that will seal the ends of the oak wood, which will prevent moisture from coming out hence preventing the shrinkage that causes problems like cracking.

How to make Green Oak suitable for turning

1. Get Your Wood:

First, decide where to get your green oak. You can purchase from a certified lumber supplier, or you can as well use the green oak from your tree farm if you have one.

2. Now that you have the green oak, it’s time to treat it.

Here, you choose the best way to treat your wood, whichever is possible. You can use either oil or wax, but you can also use varnish. We are using this treatment method to prevent moisture from escaping from the ends of the oak since the wood shrinks when moisture is escaping.

After treating the wood, give it time to dry completely. However, the exact time to wait for it to dry completely will depend on the thickness of the oak and the local climate. Nevertheless, allowing the oak to dry slowly and evenly prevents it from cracking or warping. You can also employ some commercial methods by storing the green oak in a kiln to speed up the drying process.

3. Pick the right tools to begin turning green oak.

These are the final steps after you have appropriately treated your green oak. I assume you already have a wood lathe and some tools ready. Ensure that your wood lathe tools are very sharp to avoid problems like tearing out and others associated with dull tools. Sharp tools will ensure that you are making precise cuts. You also need to have patience if it is your first time. Learn the skills slowly and watch yourself make significant steps.


In conclusion, green oak can be turned into beautiful furniture that has temperament. It is a simple procedure that only requires a few steps to successfully complete. The finished products are distinct, unique, and visually stunning works that will be valued for many years. Turning green oak is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a unique way to finish off your woodworking projects!