Spoon carving kit for beginners

If you want to start spoon carving without having to go out and buy all the necessary tools one by one, we recommend starting with a kit. Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned spoon carver, this kit has everything you need to take your skills to the next level. Therefore, let’s get along as we explore some of the best spoon-carving kits. We will also inform you of the tools that must be included in the kit and what is typically included in most carving kits for spoons.

What is a spoon carving Kit?

A spoon carving kit is a set of tools and materials that provide the necessary components to begin carving wooden spoons. The spoon carving kits make it easier for beginning carvers to get started on the right foot.

A typical kit includes a straight knife, a hook knife, a strop kit, and various other carving tools, in addition to templates and instruction books. Different types of wood, such as basswood, cherry, and walnut, are also frequently included in other pricey kits. Different tools will be included in the kit depending on the equipment’s brand and price range.

Best Spoon Carving Kits for Beginners- A Review

1. Best for beginners from BeaverCraft

Our Pick
BeaverCraft S14x Deluxe

If you are looking to get into spoon carving and you want to start carving right away without the hassle of looking for tools, then consider purchasing this BeaverCraft S14x Deluxe spoon carving kit.

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05/22/2024 06:19 am GMT

Bavercraft has been producing high-quality woodcarving tools for many years, and this is one of their best for beginners. It is a good starter kit that will allow you to become familiar with carving before investing too much.

The kit has three knives: the Sloyd Knife C4, the Bent Gouge K8a, and the Hook Knife SK5. Other items included are the leather roll bag and a polishing compound.

I have this kit, and I love it! Everything in it is of very high quality; for example, all the knives are so sharp out of the box, and you are safe to use them immediately after delivery since they have been sharpened by caring hands at the company before getting on your hands.

In my case, I only carve spoons since I am new to carving, but I use each knife as I am carving because each one has its purpose, and I have the strop and polish in the kit to keep the blades sharp. Therefore, if you consider getting into spoon carving, get this kit. The handles are comfortable during use, and I recommend this product and manufacturer to anyone getting started in spoon carving.

2. Most budget-friendly kit from BeaverCraft

best in price
BeaverCraft S17

I was so impressed by this kit, mainly because of the price. It is one of the most budget-friendly kits you will find that is suitable for both beginners and experienced carvers. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary tools you will need to begin carving spoons right away. 

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05/22/2024 06:49 am GMT

The kit comes with a 3-in-1 wood carving knife set that includes a hook knife, a chip carving knife, and a Sloyd knife. This set of knives will allow you to implement different carving techniques. It also comes packed with a leather strop and a polishing compound to help you care for your tools if they get dull.

The knives are high quality, durable, and sharp right out of the box. Therefore, if you are considering getting into spoon carving, get this kit. It is the real deal! You’ll be carving spoons in no time, with only a small investment in tools.

If you are also looking for a stylish spoon carving kit as a gorgeous gift or a pleasant addition to your collection, this is one of the best you will ever get. All of your carving tools are arranged and securely fastened for safety inside a lovely canvas pouch that has been well wrapped around them.

What’s Included in the spoon carving kit

Spoon Carving Knives

The knives we use to carve spoons have a unique design that allows you to quickly and safely form the shape of your spoon out of a blank of wood and finally into a finished product. The following are some of the knives necessary for spoon carving that is included in all carving kits:

A Sloyd Knife (commonly known as the straight knife)

straight knife

This essential knife is a must-have for spoon carving. We use it for different jobs, from roughing to fine detail work. It usually has a wide, slicing bevel on the blade.

A hook knife:

hook knife

 If your kit comes without a hook knife, you should return it immediately. The hook knife is essential, as it is one that we will use to hollow out the concave areas of our spoon. In simple terms, it is the one we use to make the bowls for the utensils you want.

There are other knives in the kit, but these two are the basic ones for spoon carving.

Sharpening tools

Another essential must-have in the kit is the tools for sharpening. It is obvious that your tools will dull with time, and therefore, a kit without sharpening tools is a no-go zone! Our kit’s most common sharpening tools are the leather strop and a polishing compound.

In both the leather strop and the polishing compound, we use them together to polish the knife’s edge and remove any burr left in the final stage of sharpening our carving knives.

Carving Gloves

Other kits come with woodcarving gloves. However, if you find a kit without gloves, you can buy the wood carving gloves separately.

Carving wood

If you find the most expensive kits, they even have a block of wood, mainly basswood, that you can use to carve your spoon without needing to look for a wood plank. Basswood is very soft and is the most recommended wood, especially for beginners. However, if you need to work with other types of wood, you can always go into a different kind of wood and choose the most suitable wood for spoon carving.


The spoon carving kit is an ideal and suitable starter that will contain all the necessary tools you will need for carving. It is perfect if you are a beginner, as it will save you time and confusion when you get into a craft for the first time without someone to walk you through it. Get a spoon carving kit today and start carving your first spoon.