Can you stain over shellac – wood sealing basics

can you stain over shellac

Even after the wood has been sealed you can open up a whole new world of stain and tonal possibilities by adding a layer of stain (glazes or toners). This is true for all sealers or topcoats. Previously we checked staining over stains, polyurethane, and Varnishes. To answer, can you stain over shellac, This article … Read more

Can you stain over varnish – Glazing explained

Can you stain over varnish

In a recent post, we discussed staining over a polyurethane surface. We have since received some feedback and follow-up questions. Many would like to know, can you stain over varnish? If you are looking for answers regarding staining varnish, you came to the right place. In this article, we will go over all the uncertainties … Read more

Can you stain over polyurethane – Glazing Poly

can you stain over polyurethane

Of all the finishing methods available, wood stain is perhaps the most misunderstood. There is no good information regarding stains, their application, maintenance, and dos and don’ts. If you have wood coated in poly but don’t like the color of the wood, a stain can tint or shade the wood to your liking. But how … Read more

How to remove Oil Based Stains from Wood

How to remove Oil-Based Stains from Wood

You may probably want to restore your wood and remove the current stain to apply a new, good-looking stain. Removing the stain from the wood provides a clean slate on which you have an opportunity to apply fresh paint. However, removing the current stain is not an easy method. Therefore, considering the difficulty of removing … Read more

3 ways to strip solid stains from a deck

Wood Deck

The stain finish is remarkable for giving dull and cheap-looking wood a rich and bold character. But stain is not a tough opponent to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. Even solid oil-based stains will need maintenance after some time, but you need to strip the old, destroyed layer first. But how do you remove … Read more