3 ways to strip solid stains from a deck

The stain finish is remarkable for giving dull and cheap-looking wood a rich and bold character. But stain is not a tough opponent to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation. Even solid oil-based stains will need maintenance after some time, but you need to strip the old, destroyed layer first. But how do you remove solid deck stain? We will look at some of the ways to strip solid stains from a deck.

The easiest way to remove a slid stain from a wooden deck is by using a deck stripper. Deck strippers fully penetrate the solid stain and break it down, making it easy to clean off.

However, things like plants and grass should be covered before application begins. If you’re new to deck stripping, then this article should guide you through giving your deck a fresh breath.

How to remove solid stain from the wood deck: Three solutions

1. Remove solid stain from wood with a Pressure washer

Power washing is essential when you want to remove old solid stains from your wooden deck. A pressure washer will help in removing the stain effectively. However, be careful not to damage your wood when using this machine.

Remember that a pressure washer is capable of even scratching a brick. However, if used in the correct manner and with accurate pressure, it can easily remove solid stains from your deck. Here are some of the useful tips to put in mind when using a pressure washer.

Tips when using a pressure washer to remove solid stains from a wood deck

  • Be sure to use the lowest possible pressure to avoid damaging your wood.
  • If your wood deck is made of cedar or pine, ensure the pressure on the machine is not more than 600 psi.
  • If your deck is made of hardwood, you can use the machine with 1200 psi pressure.
  • Make sure you adjust the pressure according to how effective it is on your wood.

When you start pressure washing your deck, use the lowest pressure, such as 600 psi, and increase it with need when removing the stain. Hold the trigger while ensuring the wand tip leaves a 12-inch space between it and the wood.

Move the trigger in a sweeping motion while making sure to move according to the direction of the wood grain. Be sure to keep a constant distance between the tip of the pressure washer and your wood.

You can also use different deck cleaners to help you get rid of the solid stain with ease.

2. Wood stripper

Removing solid stains using a pressure washer is essential, but some stains may be left. Therefore, it is also important to use a wood stripper to get rid of any stain that was not removed by the pressure washer.

A stripper is a powdered stain remover that can also be sued to remove dirt and mildew. The concentration is made of surfactants that also include sodium hydrochloride. The concentration can also be mixed with water and used by spraying. Here are some tips to put in mind when using a wood stripper.

Tips when using a wood stripper to remove solid stains.

  • Make sure the surface is clean, and there is no furniture lying around.
  • Avoid any direct contact with the stripper by wearing protective gear such as gloves.
  • Before you use it, test it on a small area and see how it affects the stain as stains range in color and solidity.
  • Follow the instruction as directed by the manufacturer.
  • If your deck has a huge surface area, do not apply the stripper to the entire surface. Instead, apply a small part first, like 200 square feet, before going to the next area.
  • Once you are through with using the stripper, repeat the process on any area where the stain has remained.

The stripper can be applied by using a roller or brush. You can also use a sprayer if you have mixed it with water. Let the stripper settle on the surface for a few minutes to help it penetrate and break the bond between your wood and the stain.

The amount of time you let the stripper settle depends on the type of stain to be removed. For solid stains such as silicon or acrylic-based, let the stripper for around one hour. After the stain is softened, use the pressure washer again, but ensure the pressure is low to avoid damaging the wood.

3. Wood Deck Brightener

If your deck seems rough after using a stripper and pressure washer, do not get worried. The pressure washer and stripper are helpful in removing the solid stain, but they also make the wood seem unpleasant. Therefore, the next step is applying a deck brightener to help revive the beauty of your wood. Here are some tips when applying the deck brightener.

Tips when using a deck brightener as a way to strip solid stains from a deck

  • Apply the brightener immediately after using the stripper.
  • Before applying the brightener, ensure you have protective gear such as gloves and eyewear.
  • Follow every instruction provided by the manufacturer.
  • The most effective way of application is by using a pump sprayer.
  • After application, wait for around 20 minutes before rinsing the deck. You should be able to visible changes on your deck.

Applying a coat of deck brightener helps in opening the wood’s pores while also assisting you to effectively apply a new coast stain. Ensure that you have left the deck for two days before applying the stain. This is essential as it ensures your deck has a smooth finish after applying a new coat of stain.

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Why is it necessary to remove solid stains from the wooden deck?

A stain may damage your deck if not removed on time, which could lead to you buying new wood for replacement.

It is important to note that you cannot add a new coat of stain on an old stain; you have to remove it to allow the new stain to be in contact with your wood.

Furthermore, the old stain could prevent the new coat from drying properly. You may also want to remove a stain from your deck because you want to change its physical appearance.

Removal of stains from wood is not a hard task as it only requires a few simple tools and water.

However, removing the solid stain from your wooden deck may be stressful as you need to consider certain elements, including the nature of your wood, moisture content, and weather conditions. Here are different procedures to follow when removing the solid stain from your wood deck, which will not make you have a stressful day.

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Remove solid stain from the wood deck: A summary

A wooden deck brings out the beauty in your home, so it is essential to renovate it once in a while. Therefore, removing an old solid stain is a necessity. If you have wondered how you remove solid stains from the wood decks, we hope this resource has been of value. Happy renovating!

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