Best Japanese Wood Carving Tools

If you want carving tools as exquisite as the masterpiece you wish to create, you are advised to choose carving tools made in Japan. The Japanese are recognized for their dedication to work because they put in long and strenuous hours without complaining. This commitment to quality is reflected in their products, including woodworking tools. 

I have done the legwork for you by testing the best Japanese wood carving tools to ensure you don’t have to deal with a lengthy return process. I will introduce and briefly explain various Japanese woodworking tools in this article. By the end of this essay, you should have determined which Japanese tools are ideal for you and your project or profession. 

Choosing the finest tool from this list can be difficult because each one is attractive and has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Because you will be utilizing this instrument for quite some time, you must concentrate on what you require and how you want it to look.

Japanese wood carving tools

Shoto 7 Pc. Set Wood Carving Knives

This set of tools is made entirely of high-quality Japanese materials. All Shoto brand products are handcrafted in Japan by skilled artisans. All the blades are very sharp and durable. The set is Perfect for artists, teachers, or anyone looking for a good set of wood carving tools.

Main Features

  • The edge is razor-sharp and long-lasting; polishing it on a whetstone will restore its sharpness. 
  • Likewise, the genuine wood carving equipment is made to handle all aspects of wood carving, from rough cuts to delicate precision sculpting
  • Each blade is composed of high-quality carbon steel and is incredibly sharp. The two-layer steel blades have a polished face and are constructed of a blend of steel and high-quality carbon steel.
  • They are more robust than carving knives made of standard steel and have superior sharpness. 
  • These semi-professional blades are ideal for artists, elementary, middle, and high school art teachers, and anybody seeking a severe pair of carving knives.
  • Moreover, each tool has a comfortable and smooth handle, preventing you from worrying about cramping. Additionally, the set comes with a hard case that makes it easy for you to pack and carry. 

Grizzly Industrial G7095-1/2″ Japanese Chisel

Grizzly Industrial Store is another company that produces the best tools in the current market. 

Main features

This chisel is one of the best Japanese woodcarving tools on the market. 

  • It weighs twenty-five pounds and is made using a robust, high-carbon alloy. 
  • It’s also sharp, and sharpening it with a smooth stone can make it much more useful.
  • The chisel isn’t too heavy, and it’s also inexpensive. 
  • It performs well and has been honed before being sent to the buyer
  • It is also lightweight, making it ideal for those who want complete control over the chisel and how much pressure they use when carving or working on a project.

Negative features

  • It is not available in various sizes, and the lower half of the chisel may arrive with dents or marks that are unpleasant. In addition, the assembly appears to be rushed.

KAKURI Japanese Woodblock Carving Tool Set 7 Pcs

For woodblock printmaking, this is a typical Japanese woodcarving chisel set. 

Main features

  • The smooth sharpness ensures that the engraving work is both comfortable and accurate. 
  • The block printing knife is a piece of easy-to-use woodworking equipment for skilled woodworkers and beginners alike.
  • The blades come in seven different shapes that may be used for flat cutting, round or acute angles, drawing lines, marking wood, sharpening corners, and more.
  •  You can make a variety of woodcut prints with this set. Furthermore, it is made of natural dark wood, which is soft to the touch.
  • The blade is composed of genuine Japanese carbon steel crafted by a blacksmith in Japan. 
  • It has good sharpness and sharpening ease. 
  • When the blade edge dulls after a long period of usage, you may quickly restore its sharpness by sharpening it using the little whetstone that comes with it.

Sharpening with the included tiny whetstone is a simple way to restore sharpness when the blade edge dulls after a long usage period.

The set contains some of the best Japanese woodcarving tools available.

KAKURI Japanese Chisel Set 6-piece

This set includes 6 Japanese chisels of premium grade. 

Main features

  • It is a high-end Japanese woodworking tool for serious woodworkers and expert builders and includes blades of different sizes, including 6 mm / 12 mm / 19 mm / 25 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm / 32 mm /
  • You can use it for various woodworking projects, including architectural, furniture, mortise, and DIY.
  • The blades are also made from Japanese steel; thus, they have top-quality sharpness and excellence. 
  • Well-forged Japanese Aogami Steel (Hitachi Blue Paper Steel #2) is utilized in the blade, only found in the best Japanese knives and swords. 
  • Professional carpentry users are drawn to the Damascus pattern because of its beauty, sharpness, and durability. The multi-layer steel ingot, created by soft steel, is easy to grind yet challenging. This is a genuine pro tool.
  • Pounding it with a hammer also allows for forceful woodwork because of its robust body and blade.
  •  The handle is made of the finest red oak available. 
  • The blade is chamfered, has less resistance than standard chisels, and is a high-quality tool for engraving wood smoothly while leaving a clean-cut surface. 
  • A paulownia box is included with every chisel. It’s also an excellent present for friends of carpenters and merchants.

Negative features

  • Some consumers have complained about the pricing, as the set costs at least $400. Nonetheless, the product is of high quality and worth the cost. 

KAKURI Kiridashi Knife

One of the most well-known traditional Japanese knives is the Kiridashi Knife. They are small and convenient for cutting and carving, making them ideal for use with wood. Because of the sharpness of the blade, it requires less power, cuts more smoothly and accurately, and produces cleaner results.

These characteristics make it popular among carpenters and woodworkers. The KAKURI Kiridashi knife blade is made of high-quality Japanese carbon steel that has been hand-forged by Japanese blacksmiths in the traditional way and hardened to HRC60-61, giving it a razor-sharp edge that will last a long time.

This high-carbon steel also lets you sharpen your knife easily when it becomes dull. When cared for properly, these blades can last you decades!

The ergonomic handle is made of wood and is of high quality, fitting your hand well and making it easy to use. The knife has a beautifully handcrafted natural wooden sheath for easy storage and transportation. This safeguards both you and your investment.

main features

  • The blade is made of high-carbon steel
  • The steel blade is razor-sharp and long-lasting; you can restore its sharpness with a whetstone.
  • It comes with a hardwood blade sheath for safe storage and transportation.
  • They are also easy to use and come with official English instructions.

However, when we conducted a survey on customer satisfaction with the knife, the majority of customers expressed positive satisfaction while not being afraid to point out the knife’s flaws.

They were all the opinions that the knife was good but not perfect. Some claimed that, despite the knife’s sharpness, it came with a sheath that was too small to fit into it, making it difficult for the blade to fit into the sheath. They needed some lubricant.

Many users are pleased with the knife’s ability to produce high-quality results. As a result, I recommend this knife to any woodcarver who appreciates high-quality products.

Japanese RIGORO Chisels NOMI Oire Chisel Carpenter’s Tool 12mm KAKUUCHI

The next item on the list is the Japanese Rigoro Chisel, which has a classic appearance, making it an excellent choice for those who are only concerned with the product’s arrival.

Main features

  • The chisel measures 215 millimeters long and weighs approximately 130 grams.
  • The primary colors are brown and black, with red and white motifs.
  • This product is simple and effective, and it comes in a size that can be used for a variety of applications.
  • The chisel is lightweight and has a traditional design.
  • It is also not available in a wide range of sizes or types.

On the other hand, the paint is easily removed, and the chisel’s blade can be lifted out of the angle.

Bright Hobby’s Wood Carving tools for beginners – 12-piece

This Japanese-made wood carving knife set includes high-quality tools with razor-sharp SK2 carbon steel blades. This carving kit’s edges allow it to be used for various tasks, including wood carving, linoleum, soapstone, and clay.

Main features

  • The HRC62 professional test is used to determine the hardness.
  • Twelve different wood carving tools are included in the whittling set. 
  • These wood tools will be available in various sizes and a variety of gouge depths and chisels, and fine detail tools.
  • The wood carving knife set will last with proper care and maintenance. Sharp blades can handle various tasks, hardwood handles are comfortable to hold, and protective caps and a carrying case keep your tools organized.

The wood carving tool kit is ideal for keeping your mind and hands busy. It is suitable for older, supervised children and ideal for those just starting.

Our carving kit is a superb set to use when starting this timeless hobby.

Life is stressful, and finding healthy ways to unwind can be challenging. The beginner’s toolkit may help you relax and develop. Woodcarving, for example, has been shown to help with stress relief.

Negative features

  • Some consumers have complained that the blades are not particularly sharp and that the frosted caps obscure the tips. 
  • It is challenging to choose one without removing all of the lids.

KAKURI Japanese Woodworking Tool Set, Quality Professional Carpentry Tool Kit 8 Pcs

This is a KAKURI brand Japanese carpentry toolset of the highest quality. Professional musical instrument artisans, joinery workers, furniture artisans, and carpenters use these Japanese tools worldwide. 

Main features

  • Traditional Japanese carpenter’s toolboxes are made of lightweight, high-quality paulownia.
  • The unique universal blade can rip and crosscut regardless of the wood’s grain direction.
  • It can also cut solid materials like ipe, ebony, and common hardwoods (oak, sandalwood, mahogany, maple, walnut, and pine).
  • It can also cut laminated wood, plywood, and aged wood. Any carpenter will be able to work on various jobs with it.
  • Traditional Japanese tools are included in the set for nailing, chiseling, polishing wood surfaces, chamfering, drilling, and measuring, among other things.
  • The plane’s handle, grip, and body are all made of high-quality Japanese oak that has been oil-finished.
  • It fits comfortably in your hand and provides support for your woodworking projects. The more you use the solid and durable oak that has been hand-finished by professionals, the better it fits in your hand.
  • The saw blade is replaceable and interchangeable with other knives and handles in the same series.
  • You can customize the edge and handle to your liking. Lift the locking mechanism, insert the blade, and close the mechanism to begin the project. It is simple to replace the spare because no screws or tools are required.

Negative features

  • The product is quite pricey, costing nearly 700 dollars.

Factors to consider before buying the Japanese Wood Carving Tools

Instrument Type

To get the best Japanese woodworking tools for you, consider the tasks you’re working on and the level of detail required.

Chisels, block planes, and various handheld saws and marking tools are available on the market. Determining the work that needs to be done lets you know exactly what tool you need, so you don’t have to return a tool just because you don’t need it.


Most Japanese products are known for their high quality. Although the design of a product should be consistent, minor changes such as a pull rather than a push block plane and better-built handles can improve the user experience.

Furthermore, some manufacturers have taken advantage of the Japanese tool’s reputation and copied their design, so one should be cautious not to purchase a counterfeit product.


Japanese items are the most durable because they are of the highest quality. The majority of Japanese woodworking tools are made of Japanese steel, which is lightweight and long-lasting.

Aside from the blade, the rest of the instrument should be long-lasting and made of high-quality materials.


Most buyers are willing to pay a significant premium for the highest level of quality. On the other hand, Japanese woodworking tools are an exception. Despite their outstanding quality, the instruments are reasonably priced.

Why choose Japanese Wood Carving Tools?

The resemblance between Western and Japanese tools arises from their intended use; both perform nearly identical tasks. On the other hand, the production processes, parts, and assembly are entirely different. For starters, the Japanese chisel is made up of four components.

Unlike its Western equivalent, a Nomi has a blade, a tapered ferrule, a handle, and a steel hoop, which usually only has two components: the blade and the handle.

The tang of the blade fits into a hole in the handle, and the ferrule forms a socket around the tapered end of the handle. The chisel handle is doubly secure with this technique of attachment.

The famous attributes of Japanese woodworking tools are evident in almost every facet of Japanese instruments.

It is a renowned blend of tough high-carbon steel fused to a softer wrought iron backing for strength, and thus many artisans prefer Japanese woodwork tools.

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Conclusion on Best Japanese Wood Carving Tools

Japanese tools are of high quality due to the steel used to make the blades and the wood used to develop the handles. The list will help you choose the best tool to serve you according to your needs. 

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