What is the Best Battery Chainsaw

People often associate chainsaws with the ear-splitting roar of a 110 dB (A) rotary motor. To many, this sound is an unwelcome, irritating trait of tree-felling power tools. Worse still, this obscenely loud growl is capable of busting an operator’s eardrum if not protected against, making it a notable chainsaw hazard.

Nonetheless, thanks to breakthrough innovations in cordless chainsaw technology, battery-powered chainsaws have brought a much-needed reprieve to woodworkers. They are much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts and are packed with high power efficiency. Detailed below are some top picks to consider.

Best Battery Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1604 -Best Overall

The EGO Power+CS1604 battery chainsaw is ahead of the curve in terms of safety features, maneuverability, durability, and power efficiency.

Safety Features & Durability

 Its 16-inch bar and chain are equipped with a chain kickback brake and a double guard frame. The latter prevents the bar from clipping or bending amidst cutting, while the former automatically brings the chain to a halt in case of kickback. Added to these impressive safety features is the chainsaw’s one-of-a-kind rugged ipx4 construction. This sturdy chainsaw is built to withstand adverse working conditions such as rain or dust, making it one of the most durable battery-powered models.

Power Efficiency & Cut Capacity

The EGO Power+ CS1604 is also exceedingly more powerful than the average chainsaw. It is fully equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers a whopping 6800 RPM and 3.5 hp. Brushless motor technology allows the chainsaw to run longer while maintaining low vibrations and optimum power. This chainsaw is powered by a 5.0 Ah 56v ARC lithium-ion battery which further adds to its powerful performance. It can make up to 300 cuts across a 16-inch wood diameter per battery charge, with an impressive run time of 40 minutes.

Lightweight Design

Also noteworthy, the EGO Power+ CS1604 is lighter than the average battery chainsaw. It weighs 16 pounds, making it very possible to maneuver tight spaces while handling this chainsaw. Also, check out the Best Mini Chainsaw

Milwaukee 2727-21HD chainsaw – Runners Up

Another highly dependable battery chainsaw is the Milwaukee 2727-21HD chainsaw. Although it does not match the EGO Power+ CS1604’s speed and power, it features cutting-edge, high-performance battery technology that makes it a top pick. 

High-Performance Battery Technology

It is powered by an M18 red-lithium battery which is 50% more powerful and 50% cooler than the standard 18V battery. Its powerful performance is only similar to that of a 40 cc gas chainsaw.

Cut Capacity

This technology also provides the chainsaw with an excellent run time of up to 30 minutes, during which it can deliver a maximum of 150 cuts. Thanks to this impressive battery output, Milwaukee’s 2727-21HD 16-inch blade and chain can slice through 14-inches with much ease.

On the flip side, this chainsaw is somewhat bulky. It weighs 21 pounds, which limits its portability.

Makita XCU03Z brushless chainsaw – Budget Pick

The best bang for the buck is the Makita XCU03Z brushless chainsaw. Not only is it very affordable, but it also has massively impressive features. 

Compact Design

Top of the list is its compact design which allows for easy maneuverability even in crowded work areas. It weighs only 11 pounds and has a shorter than usual bar length of 14 inches. With this compact build, you can maintain good balance as you negotiate through crowded brushes.   

Convenience & Power Efficiency 

Other notable features of the Makita CXU03Z include its dual battery system, brushless motor technology, and on/off button. It takes most people a lot of time to master the trigger-release configuration used in most chainsaws. The Makita CXU03Z, however, is designed to help operators side-step this issue as it has an on/off button.

The equipment is ignited and shut down with a simple turn of the switch. Additionally, it has a dual battery system that accommodates two 18V batteries for increased agility and a longer runtime of 40 minutes. Lastly, this unit is also equipped with brushless motor technology for optimum power efficiency.

What’s more impressive is that you get all these impeccable features at well under $200! Check this article on Budget Chainsaw.

DEWALT DCCS620B – Best for Light Duty

The DEWALT DCCS620B is the best pick for light-duty assignments. Its small design includes a 12-inch bar and chain and an ergonomic handle. Combined, these parts weigh a meagre 9 pounds, making this one of the lightest units in the current market.

It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery that can produce up to 90 cuts for every charge of around 30 minutes. The DEWALT DCCS620B also features a brushless motor that ensures optimum power output. With this power and lightweight construction, this chain is ideal for cutting tiny branches or trees with a diameter of up to 10 inches.

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Charging Chainsaw Batteries 

Battery chainsaws are powered using lithium-ion batteries. Their output is measured in amp hours and voltage. Lower amp hours signify limited run time, while lower voltage signifies reduced power. Case in point, an 80V 2 amp hours battery provides operators with a lot of power but a lesser run time than a 36V 6 amp hours battery.

Battery Charging 101

Compared to traditional batteries, which could take as much as 12 hours to recharge fully, this new variety is easier to reboot since they take as little as 40 minutes to recharge fully. Moreover, this smart battery technology automatically delays the charging process when a battery is too cold or hot to charge. This feature safeguards chainsaw batteries from self-discharging, thus maintaining their power-holding capacity for longer life. Charging periods typically range from 40 minutes to three hours, depending on the battery’s specifications.  


The EGO Power+CS1604 is the best battery chainsaw because of its tons of power, impressive speed, and rugged build. It is more durable, powerful, and speedier than other battery chainsaw models. The Milwaukee 2727-21HD is a close second. Its high-performance battery technology gives it an upper hand over the rest but its bulky design does this unit a great disservice.

The DEWALT DCCS620B is the most prudent choice if you are looking for a battery chainsaw for light-duty work, while the Makita XCU03Z is the best budget choice.