Carving vs Whittling: Understanding your craft better

Carving and whittling are two very similar processes that both fall under the umbrella of woodworking. The difference between carving vs whittling is subtle, but understanding it will help you choose which type of woodworking project you want to work on next! What is wood carving? Wood carving is a form of woodworking that involves … Read more

Carving with a Chainsaw: Choosing the Perfect Wood for Your Project

best woods for chainsaw carving

The best wood to use when carving with a chainsaw depends on the project you’re trying to create, whether cutting small decorative pieces or more oversized functional items. Several species lend themselves well to chainsaw carving, some much better than others. Hence, it’s essential to understand the characteristics of each kind before you begin cutting … Read more

Wood Carving for Beginners: 8 Easy Steps included!


Without the proper know-how, many beginners and even intermediates may find the craft of wood carving technical and challenging. It can also be difficult to find information on what to do and where to begin, which is why We’ve put together this wood carving as a beginner’s guide. In just 8 steps, you’ll learn the … Read more