The Best Wood Carving Chisels Sets


If you’re new to wood carving, you’ll quickly learn that the right carving chisels can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. But with so many different types of chisels available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll help you choose … Read more

Best power tool for wood carving

Best power tool for wood carving

If you want to start carving in wood, consider buying some power tools. It’s not just about increasing the speed of your work; it’s also about how much more control you have over your final product! Carving with power tools can be intimidating, but once you get used to them and start learning their limits, you’ll be … Read more

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Woodcarving Gouges

Ultimate Guide to Woodcarving Gouges

Of all the tools a woodcarver would need, none can compare to a gouge. Any sculpture consists of grooves in the form of notches and sharp or rounded rising edges between the tracks or channels. A gouge better does the job of producing concave and convex curves. Of course, other types of tools come in … Read more

Best carving chainsaw for beginners

best chainsaws for carving

Chainsaw carving in the public domain is relatively a new craft compared to other woodcarving techniques. Finding good information on chainsaws for carving is hard because not most guys are talking about it. I have been doing wood carving for a while and recently began researching chainsaw carving. As in any craft understanding, it is … Read more

Can you whittle with any knife? Carving knife explained

Can you whittle with any knife

One of the awesome things about whittling is that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment to get started. Unlike in filmmaking, boating, restoring antique cars, and so on, a good knife and a block of wood can see you off to a good start. Can any knife be a good whittling knife? Do you … Read more

Best Japanese Wood Carving Tools

Best Japanese Wood Carving Tools

If you want carving tools as exquisite as the masterpiece you wish to create, you are advised to choose carving tools made in Japan. The Japanese are recognized for their dedication to work because they put in long and strenuous hours without complaining. This commitment to quality is reflected in their products, including woodworking tools.  … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Chip Carving Knives

Best Chip Carving Knives

Chip carving, like many crafts, requires the right tools to do it right. The right tools will take your skills to a higher level, whether you are a beginner or a pro chip carver. Therefore, the best chip carving knives are essential for chip carving. However, selecting the necessary chip carving knives, especially with so … Read more